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Automate testing for Dynamics AX
Function Test, Process Test, Regression Test, Performance Test, Security Permissions Test
Automate end-user training for AX
Training and examining end-users, automatically generated documentation, security permissions and many more
Optimize your business running Dynamics AX
Know what your end-users are doing and generate process based statistics out of it

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Set up custom security permissions in Dynamics AX
Save time and effort by assigning your security permissions automatically. Make sure they are consistent with your specific business processes and fitted for the role

      Executive Automats – record and replay AX user actions in 12 modes serving different purposes

Executive Automats is a tool for AX testing and training automation, to name its main usage areas. It records AX user actions and replays them on demand in 12 modes serving different purposes. Their nightly regression tests guarantee unprecedented quality standards and a perfectly stable, reliable solution. EA automatically produce various valuable materials that are easily adaptable and reusable, e.g. in end user training. In addition, EA are fully compatible with all AX versions and very intuitive in use.

      Executive Automats – mission statement

Executive Automats enable in-depth DAX testing with engineer-like precision, they speed up solving technical issues and rise the quality of training by making training processes highly automated.

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